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ElleFemme, официальный поставщик менструальных чашечек ФеммиЦикл в Европе и в Украине. ElleFemme, official supplier of FemmyCycle menstrual cups  in Europe and Ukraine.

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Менструальная чаша купить, отзывы, цена. Купить менструальную чашу в Украине, России, Европе.
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How to use the FemmyCycle®


Please read these instructions before using the FemmyCycle®.

The FemmyCycle® is safe, eco-friendly, cost effective, and reusable for more than a year. The FemmyCycle® minimizes the mess and leakage associated with your period. Made of medical grade silicone, the FemmyCycle® is a soft, cleaner and more convenient alternative to pads and tampons. 

Indications for use: The FemmyCycle® is a receptacle placed in the vagina to collect blood and cellular debris discharged from the uterus via the cervix during menstruation.  

Safety Information: If you have any medical or gynecological concerns, consult with your clinician before using the FemmyCycle®. The information provided here does not replace your doctor’s advice. We recommend that you wash your hands and genital area with warm water or with unscented baby wipes before using the FemmyCycle®. Be careful not to scratch yourself with your fingernails. The FemmyCycle® does not contain any latex or animal products. 

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How to insert the FemmyCycle®


Sit on the toilet with your knees apart, or squat or stand with one leg raised on the toilet seat.


Close the lid of the FemmyCycle® and compress the rim firmly, as shown in the figure.


Fold the rim at the notch into a tight “U” shape while gripping it firmly, trapping the air inside the receptacle. (The trapped air will help it to pop open when it is inserted inside the vagina.)


Hold the folded FemmyCycle® rim firmly with index finger and thumb, separate your labia with other hand and insert the FemmyCycle® slowly. This will help it to pop open.


Push the FemmyCycle® backward. Stop pushing once the removal ring enters your vagina.

NOTE: The FemmyCycle® is designed not to open completely. This will create suction to draw the flow into the device.



Once the FemmyCycle® is inserted into the vagina, the rim will openenough to collect your menstrual flow.

NOTE: The FemmyCycle® should sit in the lower part of the vagina as a receptacle for menstrual blood.

How to remove the FemmyCycle®

Remove the FemmyCycle® after 12 hours, or sooner, if you have heavy flow.

NOTE: Some women prefer to remove and change the FemmyCycle® in the shower. Wash your hands and genitals as recommended before.  


Insert one finger into your vagina, hooking it into the removal ring... (Bear down as if you are having a bowel movement. This will make it easier to remove.)


... and pull it down gently.


Angle the FemmyCycle® down-ward during removal and hold it upright as shown in the Figure.

Open the FemmyCycle® lid and empty the contents into the toilet. Wash the FemmyCycle® with liquid soap and warm water, and rinse it. Allow it to air dry. Store the FemmyCycle® in it's storage bag for later use. Do not use microwave, detergent, alcohol, or sharp objects to clean the FemmyCycle®.

Precaution: If the FemmyCycle® is inserted properly, it should not be felt. We recommend replacing the FemmyCycle® kit once a year and disposing of the used kit in the trash (not the toilet). With practice, insertion and removal of the FemmyCycle® should only take a few seconds. The FemmyCycle® should be used only during menstruation. It does not protect against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.