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ElleFemme, официальный поставщик менструальных чашечек ФеммиЦикл в Европе и в Украине. ElleFemme, official supplier of FemmyCycle menstrual cups  in Europe and Ukraine.

Buy menstrual cups online, reviews, brands, comparison. 
Менструальная чаша купить, отзывы, цена. Купить менструальную чашу в Украине, России, Европе.
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FemmyCycle® Cup


FemmyCycle® menstrual cup was invented by Dr. Alfred Shihata.  

Dr. Shihata is President and CEO of FemCap, Inc. and the inventor of the FDA-approved FemCap and FemmyCycle® devices. He has dedicated the last 30 years of his career to research in women’s reproductive health, focusing his attention on hormone-free contraception and sexually transmitted disease prevention. Dr.Shihata holds six United States patents and eight international patents. He is a life member of the Society of American Inventors, the European Society of Contraception and the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals.


The FemmyCycle® is a unique, soft, medical grade silicone cup that collects menstrual flow for up to 12 hours. The FemmyCycle® is a receptacle placed in the vagina to collect blood and cellular debris discharged from the uterus via the cervix during menstruation.

As the name implies, 'Femmy' means for women only and 'Cycle' means we've created a new way to help you stay fresh, clean and confident during your menstrual cycle.

The FemmyCycle® is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to pads and tampons!  Collecting menstrual flow rather than absorbing it eliminates the risk of toxic shock syndrome associated with tampons.

The FemmyCycle® enhances the quality of women’s lives by helping them better manage their periods. The FemmyCycle® minimizes the mess and leakage associated with almost all other feminine sanitary products.

The FemmyCycle® can be worn during, sleep, exercise and other daily activities, so it is ideal for athletes and working women.

The FDA granted 510(K) clearance on November 15, 2012 to market The FemmyCycle®, a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons.

This recent winner of BIOCOM’s EXPO "Why Didn’t I Think of That?" Award was developed by Dr Alfred Shihata, founder of FemCap, Inc.




FemmyCycle Cup. CLOSED

FemmyCycle Cup. OPENED



Using FemmyCycle® will make you stop polluting the environment with plastic pads. According to statistics, every woman in her life is using a number of pads and tampons, equal the size of football field. Using a menstrual cup, you allow to decrease load production and waste of disposable funds on the environment.





FemmyCycle® menstrual cup - is the most hygienic choice. It does not dry mucous membranes, do not leave fibres in the vagina, does not cause irritation, itching, and toxic shock syndrome. Unlike the pads and tampons, harmful microorganisms do not develop on the smooth surface of the silicone cups.








Enough once to buy a menstrual cup and it will serve you for few years. Cup pays off in few months. It can be used before the start sexual life and simultaneously with a IUD or a contraceptive diaphragm.








You will not feel FemmyCycle® cup nor your red days on the calendar. Menstrual cup FemmyCycle® can be used continuously up to 12 hours, longer than any pad or tampon.

Menstrual Cup is invisible. You can swim, do sports or sleep without clothes, as at any other time.




- What is the FemmyCycle?

As the name implies, Femmy means for women only and Cycle means we've created a new way to help you stay fresh, clean and confident during your menstrual cycle. The FemmyCycle is a unique, soft, medical grade silicone receptacle that collects menstrual flow for up to 12 hours. 

- How does the FemmyCycle work?

When folded, the FemmyCycle is shaped like a tampon making it easy to insert. Once inserted, it opens up to collect menstrual flow. You then simply remove it after 12 hours (or sooner depending on your flow) using the built-in removal ring. 

- Is the FemmyCycle easy to use?

Yes! It's very easy to use with minimal instruction. 

- Is the FemmyCycle easy to clean?

Yes. Just empty the contents into the toilet and clean the FemmyCycle with liquid soap and warm water, then rinse thoroughly.You should sterilize the FemmyCycle twice a month, before and after your period. Soak the FemmyCycle in 10% white vinegar and 90% water for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. 

- Did women who used the FemmyCycle overnight experience any leakage?

Unlike tampons, the FemmyCycle is safe and effective for overnight use—so it protects your undergarments, pajamas and sheets while you sleep! So far, none of the women who used the FemmyCycle during eight hours of sleep reported leakage. 

- Do blood clots obstruct the opening of the FemmyCycle lid?

No, the blood in its fluid state can get into the hole of the lid even if it is folded. Soft blood clots get squeezed into the opening of the lid by the effect of vacuum inside the cup. Cleaning is very easy even with big clots. 

- How is the FemmyCycle different from other menstrual cups?

The FemmyCycle is radically different from ALL other menstrual cups available due to a unique lid that keeps the menstrual flow from spilling outside the vagina. And unlike all other menstrual cups, once it's inserted into the vagina, it unfolds automatically. With no holes at the rim and no need for any further manual adjustment—the FemmyCycle's intuitive design does it for you. 

- What is the size and holding capacity of the FemmyCycle?

Measuring about 2" x 1.5" (5 cm x 4 cm), the FemmyCycle holds .5 oz - 1 oz. (15 cc-30 cc) of menstrual fluid. Given that the average menstrual flow during an entire period is about 1-1.5 oz (30-45 ml), the FemmyCycle can effectively collect the menstrual flow of most women for up to 12 hours. Finally, the FemmyCycle is specially designed to conform to each woman's body, so one size fits almost all ages. 

- Will I feel the FemmyCycle while using it?

No. When inserted properly, the FemmyCycle is as comfortable and discreet as a tampon. 

- Can I use the FemmyCycle if I am also using an IUD?

Yes. It's safe and effective for use with an IUD. 

- If I have a low cervix can I use the FemmyCycle?

If the distance between the vaginal opening and your cervix is less than 2 inches, then it will be difficult to use the FemmyCycle. The FemmyCycle needs at least 2 inches below the cervix to collect your menstrual flow. How can you tell if you have a low cervix? Just measure the distance between the vaginal opening and the cervix. If it is less than 2 inches then you have a low cervix

- Does the FemmyCycle fit below the cervix?

Yes. The FemmyCycle rests below the cervix and stays firmly in place during use, so there is NO risk of the cervix contacting the FemmyCycle. 

- Will I notice odor when I'm wearing the FemmyCycle?

No. You won't notice odor and neither will anyone else. 

- Why is it better to have 2 cups of FemmyCycle?

The FemmyCycle is designed to collect your flow for up to 12 hours, so you can usually plan on changing it in the privacy of your own bathroom. But we all know how unpredictable periods can be! If you do need to change the FemmyCycle when you're on the go, the second cup allows you to do so in a public restroom without leaving the stall. A clean, breathable washable bag is also included with your kit to help you use and store the FemmyCycle anytime, anywhere. 

- Why do I need to replace the FemmyCycle each year or two while other menstrual cups can last up to 10 years?

The FemmyCycle cup is made from very soft, thin silicone to ensure comfort and ease of use. Its lid is even thinner, so wear and tear from opening and closing the lid limits product use to one to two years depending on the user. It's also well established that some yeast and/or fungal organisms can grow on silicone devices and cause persistent yeast infections. Using a new FemmyCycle each year will minimize the possibility of fungal growth. And even with yearly replacement, the FemmyCycle is still more economical and environmentally friendly than pads or tampons. 

- Can I return the FemmyCycle if I cannot learn how to use it?

The FemmyCycle is easy to use. If you can use tampon you should be able to use the FemmyCycle. This is an intimate device and thus our return policy prohibits returns. 



Feedbacks from our clientele

You can leave your feedback or review on FemmyCycle menstrual cups by sending us an email. Thank You. 


- Elena, 2013/12/08

About FemmyCycle I found out on the women's forum . Positive feedback has already tested this device cheered me, and now I am - a modern woman who is planning their affairs without regard to the critical days . Menstrual Cup - is so comfortable that you can forget what is the day today. Do not need almost every hour to run and check on your things, not necessary to give up the summer white and tight clothes, you can plan a trip to the sea without calculating days when you can't swim. I used menstrual cup for only one cycle , no doubt - good bye tampons and pads!


- Maria, 2013/10/30

I use this menstrual cup already for 3 months . And I will say that the cup FemmyCycle - is a masterpiece of feminine hygiene industry ! Such comfort and freedom won't give any tampon nor pad. Recently tried to use the pads , had to ... I nearly went mad from these sensations of rubber contraption between my legs , makes sweat and heart ! After that, to use FemmyCycle cup - it's like getting back to paradise ! Hooray to the progress and new technologies ! Thank you!


- Polina , 2013/10/28

Hello I would like to share some impressions of the FemmyCycle ( can't say anything about rest menstrual cups, because it's my first cup ever and probably last) . Earlier in the internet occasionally I would come across with information about the menstrual cups , but this option is not even considered as I wouldn't use even any tampons. But one day a friend of mine who is fighting against the pollution of nature and living in Italy , gave me present... She said "Take this and do not pollute the environment! You can thank me later! ". So I was forced to try this FemmyCycle cup.I decided to give a look in the internet... Reviews of girls who purchased the cup , were very positive. Everything looked promising and that secured me to try it. At very first time cup inserted very well, I didn't quiet expected that. Before I watched few videos about the methods of using the cup, so this task I handled easily. Also all of my friends got it right the very first time. The hardest thing I had to get used to, is the idea that really can be so comfortable? The body feels that menstruations came ( no one canceled a little bit of pain in lower back) , but can not understand why there is not licking and it's perfectly clean. That was the hardest thing ... The realisation of change. The realisation that these days you can be so much pleasurable easier . It really was a great progress for me. Such comfort in those days I never felt .One more thing . Recently went to the sauna with a swimming pool , of course got the most heavy flow day,  the most problematic . " Armed" with FemmyCycle cup , I was able to fully enjoy my time in steam room and pool, performing some stunts is well. No discomfort and no fear of leakage . There it is ! Short, I cracking up from these bowls is no financial gain. It's a great relief for women . It's comfort . Other alternatives I no longer see it. Definitely only a cup FemmyCycle. Do not be afraid . You will not regret ! It will pay for itself very quickly . I highly recommend! I am very happy and I want that more women to take advantage of these miracle cups.Thank you for changing my life for the better!